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Claris Health Success Story - Tracy

The Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation supported Claris Health’s Parenting Support Program, based in Los Angeles. This program provides instruction and support to ensure that parents acquire the knowledge and skills to be effective parents and keep their families intact. Over 1,110 parents have been assisted through this initiative. Among them is Tracy, who has never experienced a stable home. She grew up in shelters and engaged in "couch surfing." She moved to L.A. because she believed it was the only way to secure a better life for herself and her children, even if that meant residing in a shelter. Her determination led her to seek the right resources, aiming to create a nurturing home for her children – a home unlike the one she had known.

This month, Tracy successfully found a three-bedroom home for herself and two of her children. She worked diligently to reunite with and raise her other two children as well. With the assistance of benevolence funds, she was able to purchase beds for her family and a refrigerator to provide nourishment. Combined with the steadfast and non-judgmental support of her advocate, Tracy and her children reached a point of stability.


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