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Healthcare Foundation Supports Housing Security

In 2022, the Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation supported Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO) in their mission to provide stable housing and integrated services to over 900 residents across their housing portfolio. The Pacific Wind Apartments, featured in the photo, were opened in the historic Barrio neighborhood of Carlsbad. This project comprises an 89-unit housing community that will offer homes to an expected 465 residents.

Tiffany, a single mother residing in the Parc Derian housing community, is actively participating in IHO's Financial Fitness workshops. She is also collaborating with a Financial Coach to address her credit card debt. Tiffany aspires to achieve homeownership and create a cozy home of her own. With guidance and encouragement from her Financial Coach, she is excited to share that she has begun making payments towards her accumulated debt for the first time in years. She remarked, "This has been a long-time goal, and my coach has helped me figure out how to start making small but effective payments."


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