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Housing and Healing: Grandma's House of Hope

A partnership between the Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation and Grandma’s House of Hope provided 135,853 meals to 1,284 Orange County children and supported case management staffing at the 28-bed Hope Harbor emergency shelter program for women experiencing homelessness. Nearly half of whom were age 50+. 83% had mental health disabilities, 67% had disabling conditions, 48% had chronic health conditions, 33% were struggling with substance use disorders and 29% had physical disabilities. 69% had experienced domestic violence and, of these survivors, one-third were actively fleeing abuse. Half of the women had zero income and 71% were unemployed at time of entry. 77% achieved stable housing on discharge.

One of these women is Martha who became homeless when she and her son fled an abusive relationship. Past trauma took a toll on her mental health and she began to hear voices. Concerned about keeping her son safe, Martha placed her son in the care of family. Once Martha entered Grandma’s House of Hope Shelter she was able to access mental health treatment and obtain employment. Now that her health has stabilized and she has consistent income, she has started to financially support her son and visit with him frequently. Martha has set a goal of attaining housing for her and her son. She has moved into one of GHH’s longer-term housing programs, so she can continue healing, saving money, building her support network and preparing for permanent housing.


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