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Image by Omar Lopez

On the Value of Life

In 17th century France, amid wars, disease, and economic inequities, the first Sisters of St. Joseph responded to their times by reaching out to the poor, by educating women, and by caring for the sick. They were, by trade, lace-makers. They worked for peace and reconciliation in their society. They loved every person as a dear neighbor.

Today, as Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, we are called by our charism to love and care for every neighbor without distinction. Our commitment is predicated on the infinite value of every person, at every stage of life, in every circumstance. We believe that every person is a sacred and unique individual and part of a social community. We continue to support and advocate for the sanctity and dignity of every life and the promotion of the common good.

We encourage dialogue and call for the expansion of conditions under which life, all life, can flourish. These conditions are dependent, in part, on sound political, social, and economic policies that together will help to weave the threads of the fabric of life, giving birth to a culture of health, wholeness, and flourishing for everyone.

We identify these woven threads as essential to supporting a consistent ethic of life and as including the following: universal access to quality health care; pre-natal resources and family leave; a living wage and economic policies that support families; access to democratic processes; outreach to the vulnerable and excluded; welcome for immigrants and refugees; an end to racism and human trafficking; advocacy for peace and restorative justice; and care for creation, our common home.

In union with Pope Francis, Catholic Social Teaching, and in the tradition of our early sisters who wove beauty, truth, and goodness out of the threads of life, we continue to advocate for policies and conditions that will help to weave these threads into a fabric that supports life for every life.

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