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Our History

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The French Foundation: 1650

The congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph was begun around the year 1650 in small communities established in the area of Le Puy, France by women of whom we know little more than their names, and by a Jesuit priest, Jean-Pierre Medaille.

Red Bridge in Lyon

The American Foundation: 1847

Mother St. John sent several sisters to the United States in 1836 to meet the needs of people in this country as they moved westward.

Lyon: 1806

Mother St. John Fontbonne, one of the sisters who had been imprisoned and scheduled for execution, reestablished the Congregation shortly after the end of the French Revolution.

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The California
Foundation: 1912

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange is among the youngest of the American congregations and traces its roots through the St. Joseph congregations of La Grange, Illinois; Concordia, Kansas; Rochester, New York; and Carondelet, Missouri.

100 Years in Orange

In 2022, we celebrated 100 years at this site on Batavia Street.

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