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Our Mission

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange are a congregation of Catholic women who share a common foundation and mission with thousands of sisters in St. Joseph congregations throughout the world.


The mission of all Sisters of St. Joseph is a participation in the mission of Jesus: to bring all people into union with God and with one another, serving them according to their needs and their own various gifts, in all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy that may be within the power of the congregation.


The Sisters strive to be mindful of the diverse and unmet needs of the dear neighbor. They work together with people living in the neighborhoods they serve to help improve the well-being of the local community.

Like the time of their founding in 17th century France, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange today act with bold faith take risks to address the ills of society, adapt to the needs of the time, and offer a compassionate presence to the people they serve. Long standing and newly established ministries continue to evolve. You are invited to explore this website to learn more about the current ministry and spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.

Our Mission

We, apostolic women Religious, are engaged in unifying all people with God, with one another, and with all of creation through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

-Constitution 11-13 (paraphrase)


Our Vision

Animated by the Gospel message of Jesus, we strive to be a courageous, compassionate, and transforming presence in our beautiful, yet wounded world.

Our Core Values

Our life is expressed by the Gospel, articulated specifically in the values of:

  • Inclusive Love

  • Justice and Mercy

  • Zeal and Generosity

  • Humility

  • Presence and Hospitality

  • Prayer and Reflection

  • Joy and Hope

  • Our Vision

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Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to be creative and innovative in our local and global dialogue and action during the next five years on:

  • Relationship with the Church

  • Integral Ecology

  • Intercultural Living

  • Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Partnerships for Charism and Ministry

Our Examen
- How are our lives on FIRE? - 

Integrating the mission, core values, and vision into our daily life, we reflect on the following personally and communally, among ourselves and beyond.



  • How are we being courageous and compassionate?

  • How are we being a transforming presence?

  • How is our consciousness evolving and being transformed?



  • Who else needs to be invited to the table?

  • What partnerships do we seek? Whose table might we join?

  • How are we tending to diversity, equity, and inclusion around the table?



  • How are we communicating with attention to mutuality, culture, and language?

  • How are our actions informed and influenced by the cry of all creation?

  • What is our creative response to the call of fostering equity and diversity?



  • How are we addressing the signs of the times?

  • What risks are we taking, or do we need to take?

  • What might we need to re-imagine to be more fluid and flexible?

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