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Giving Children Hope

The Healthcare Foundation partnered with Giving Children Hope in Orange County to reach 78 schools serving 2581 children and 1644 parents with weekly food this year. Approximately 850 families received backpacks containing 20-22 pounds of food at their children's schools, while nearly 250 child-family units utilized Friday food distribution at Giving Children Hope. They received an average of 100 lbs of food, including fresh produce, meat, eggs, and milk/dairy. Overall, 2,100,000 pounds of food were distributed this past year.

Priorities identified include:

1. Improve access to mental health services.

2. Reduce economic stressors for low-income families.

3. Increase local community-driven research.

4. Increase healthy behaviors through alcohol and drug treatment and cessation.

5. Increase food security.

The next step is to present their findings and recommendations to Imperial Valley stakeholders and funders with a call to action.


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